Cornerstone Partners was set up by Dave H. Williams and Przemysław Krych. Dave H. Williams is a former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Capital Management. Maciej Dyjas, the former Managing Partner of Eastbridge Group, joined the team in 2014. Messrs. Krych and Dyjas are jointly Managing Partners of Cornerstone Partners.

Since 2015, Cornerstone Partners is the exclusive partner of Oaktree Capital Management in origination and execution of private equity transactions in Poland and other CEE countries.

A complementary team...

Przemysław Krych was a member of the team which set up a private equity division at Bank Handlowy in 1993 (now Citi Handlowy). Since 1999, Mr. Krych supervised the private equity activity of Templeton Direct Advisors in the CEE region. Subsequent to that, he co-founded Cornerstone Partners in 2001.

Maciej Dyjas was a partner of Eastbridge Group since 1994 and Managing Partner and CEO between 2009 and 2014. Messrs. Krych and Dyjas have worked together on a number of investment projects since 1996. Beyond their functions at Cornerstone Partners, they are jointly managing Griffin Real Estate, one of the leading real estate investment platforms in Poland.

Katarzyna Kłudkiewicz joined the team in 2014 with pervious investment experience from Eastbridge Group. In 2015, Krzysztof Prałat joined the team with transaction experience gained at Enterprise Investors.

Combining extensive investing and operating experience...

On the investment side, the Partners have proven themselves by successfully purchased, managed, built and sold businesses in varying economic climates, and their collective track record shows that they have consistently generated strong returns for investors. Our expertise is turnaround situations in which operational involvement of the Partners is necessary.

Prior to their involvement with Cornerstone Partners, the Principals held various management and supervising positions gaining operational experience. Combined with expertise in Western business practices provides them with complementary skills in finance, sales, technology and other critical areas. They can easily relate to this experience when they assist management of the portfolio's companies.

Creating transactions out of the situations...

The Principals, as pioneers in private equity investment in Poland, possessed strong know-how of private equity best practices. Combined with their managerial, operational and engineering background, gives them all the knowledge to select the most promising opportunities and transform them into successful and valuable deals.

Historically, the Partners have originated transactions through a variety of methods including personal relationships with local entrepreneurs, government officials, legal and accounting firms, referrals from portfolio companies, industry contacts, and internally generated research. We believe that Cornerstone Partners is uniquely positioned to capitalize on attractive deals and projects opportunities.