Cornerstone Partners is a company that can boast a strategic and ethical management as well as complying with the CSR criteria. We maintain the balance between effectiveness, multiplying capital and social interest. Both the company and its founder, Przemysław Krych, are strongly involved in environmental projects and philanthropic activities.

An ideal example of the ecological aspects of our operations, that were carried out by the funds managed by Cornerstone Partners, are investments in the largest in Poland wind farm portfolio with MW 1,100 total installed and planned capacity. It is an environmentally friendly investment reducing both CO2 emissions and carbon footprint. It should be emphasised that this investment provides employment for the local community.

Mention should also be made of the charitable foundations which were co-financed by the company and its founder, in a total amount of PLN 11 million over the last 5 years. It is mainly the Jan Karski Educational Foundation which aims to familiarise the next generations with the legacy of Jan Karski – a diplomat, courier for the Polish Underground State and lecturer at the Georgetown University. He became the world’s symbol of civic responsibility, defence of Human Rights and establishment of social relations based on tolerance and openness – difficult to obtain these days.

The next project is the Griffin Art Space Foundation – which aims to support and promote young artists by organising exhibitions and various cultural events. The Foundation supported and co-financed the largest events in the world of art and culture that took place in Poland several times, including WRO International Biennale or Krakow Photo Month Festival.

In order to contribute to the development of quality education the support was provided to Evangelical Educational Society that continues the finest traditions of the Warsaw evangelical community, ensuring proper upbringing and education of the youth. The foundation focuses primarily on spreading knowledge and promoting national traditions – runs a Lutheran school in Warsaw.

The Foundation for People with Disabilities in Stróże, which since 1998 has been helping people requiring specialised treatment, received also some financial support. The Foundation was involved in numerous projects, including establishment of a hospice, sports and rehabilitation centre for disabled people or rehabilitation centre for people with multiple sclerosis.


Cornerstone Partners continues its charity efforts, especially at such a difficult time for everyone as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Hospitals across the country are struggling with the lack of basic protective equipment necessary during the coronavirus threat. In order to ensure the safety of those who are on the front line in the fight against the disease, our company has donated five thousand protective masks to medical workers of the Independent Public Children's Clinical Hospital in Warsaw. Thanks to the initiative of the employees and the support of the Management Board of the company, it was possible to support the medical environment cooperating with the most defenceless patients of the hospital - children from the transplantology department.



The COVID-19 pandemic also increased the demand for medical equipment, including ventilators that support or replace the work of lungs of the patient. Many Polish hospitals, fearing the growing number of coronavirus-infected patients, are looking for funds to buy them, as they may be the last chance for many patients. Not only did Cornerstone Partners buy the protective masks but also, from the initiative of its founder, Przemysław Krych, together with Santander Consumer Bank S.A., the company purchased four life-support machine, which were donated to the Jan Mikulicz-Radecki University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław.