We know how to turn situations into successful deals  

Who we are?

Cornerstone Partners is a private equity investment firm operating since 2001. Mutual track record of Cornerstone’s partners is proved by more than 60 company exits with an average IRR of above 35 per cent. Cornerstone invests in private equity transactions in Poland and CEE, with a focus on backing strong management teams to grow and transform their businesses.   

Since 2015 Cornerstone Partners has been an exclusive partner of Oaktree’s European Principal Group in sourcing, executing and supporting equity transactions in Poland and other CEE countries. In February 2016, the partnership made its first joint acquisition of ProService, the leading fund administration services provider in Poland.

The prominent investments of Cornerstone’s managing partners include: Lux-Med, the leading outpatient clinics network in Poland that was eventually acquired by BUPA (UK) and joint-ventures with Zara, Sephora, Chanel and Dior to develop a distribution network in Poland.

Experienced team..

In 1993 Przemysław Krych, the Founder of Cornerstone Partners, set-up a private equity division at Bank Handlowy (now CitiHandlowy). Since 1999 Mr. Krych was managing private equity operations for Templeton Direct Advisors in CEE. Next step was to establish Cornerstone Partners in 2001.

Maciej Dyjas, the Managinng Partner of Cornerstone Partners had been a partner in Eastridge Group and between 2009-2014 - the company’s chief executive officer.  

Katarzyna Kłudkiewicz, who gained her professional experience in Eastbridge Group, joined Cornerstone Partners in 2014 as well, while Krzysztof Prałat, who previously worked for Enterprise Investors, strengthened the team in 2015.

..guarantees broad investment and operational experience..  

Our partners have proven their ability to take over attractive assets, manage them, build their value and eventually sell them at a profit regardless business climate. Their joint track records shows that they know how to generate solid returns for investors. Prior to establishing Cornerstone Partners its co-owners had worked at important managerial positions at global corporations that gave them complementary knowledge in finance, sales, technology and other areas. Now, they can apply this expertise in managing the fund’s portfolio companies.

.. and certainty that attractive opportunities will be turn into successful deals

The partners, as pioneers of private equity deals on Polish market, are familiar with the best practices in the sector. This, combined with their managerial and engineering knowledge, guarantees entering the most promising investment opportunities and transforming them into profitable transactions.  

While looking for prospective opportunities, the partners apply many methods, including personal relations with local entrepreneurs, key people from various sectors, law and accounting firms, referrals from portfolio companies as well as internal market analyses. Cornerstone Partners knows how to generate high yield from opportunistic situations.